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The NextGen initiative is a new RUSI-led network where young professionals can come together, understand, and engage in global issues, build a network and support one another through the early stages of their careers. We offer a diverse range of events centred around global affairs, provide networking opportunities and content catered to the community. NextGen is free to join and welcomes every young professional regardless of what sector they’re in, or what level of expertise they possess.

We are excited to be launching the RUSI NextGen initiative. The aim is to place young professionals at the heart of discussions around security, defence and global affairs, and provide a welcoming environment for professional and personal development.

Dr Karin von Hippel

Director-General / Senior Management

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About RUSI NextGen

The Next Gen cohort will be invaluable in providing RUSI with a new perspective on defence and geopolitical questions, the impact of which will fall most acutely on future generations.

Dr Paddy Walker

Associate Fellow

Integration has been at the heart of Defence Strategy in recent years, and this must extend to people working within the Defence industry whether that be the public, private or Military sectors. RUSI NextGen will help people at the start of their career form relationships and share ideas across sector boundaries.

Ben McClean

Senior Analyst, Deloitte