Recording: The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in National Defence

A lecture by Professor Mariarosaria Taddeo on the framework for the ethical governance of artificial intelligence in national defence.

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Defence establishments worldwide now recognise artificial intelligence (AI) as a pivotal asset for securing a strategic advantage. Consequently, the race to harness AI for defence purposes is accelerating globally, with its integration spanning from logistical frameworks to combat operations.

This widespread adoption of AI in defence is prompting both operational and conceptual changes, which in many cases are coupled with severe ethical risks – for example, the responsibility gap for the actions of AI systems or their limited predictability and transparency, and the implications these aspects have for human control.

The importance of identifying and addressing these risks is crucial to ensuring that AI-enabled defence does not trample human rights or erode the fundamental values of democratic societies

In her lecture, Professor Taddeo outlined a unified governance framework to identify, analyse and address the ethical risks arising from the many current and possible future uses of AI in defence.

This event was run in partnership with the Oxford Internet Institute


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