How coronavirus will change the world for ever

As featured in The Times



Malcolm Chalmers, of the Royal United Services Institute, counsels that the pandemic is so changing the “foreign policy baseline” that it would be absurd to forge a multi-year policy without taking those changes into account. “This is not a minor moment in international security. It’s comparable to 9/11 as a shock to the international system, in some ways bigger, but it’s going to have some very big impact on our thinking. It will generate a new debate about whether we are giving enough priority to homeland security,” he notes, which could even include new consideration of the diversity of our supply chains and a greater need for national self-reliance. Charles Parton, a former British diplomat, now at Rusi, a British think tank, called China’s efforts “a deep propaganda campaign” intended “to obscure the fact it caused the virus in the first place”.