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Dominic Cummings sends message to military by brandishing historic letter by US military strategist

In The News, 15 September 2020
Appearing before the committee, Justin Bronk, Research Fellow in Combat Airpower and Technology, Royal United Services Institute, said: “There is a huge reliance being placed in all three of the armed services on what the F-35 Lightning II fighter jets can bring. There is far too few of them to cover all of that.” It has been suggested that Britain could buy only half its target of 138 F-35s. Mr Bronk added that the review needed to make clear whether the jets were to be used exclusively for the aircraft carriers, or if they were wanted to do other things, in which case the number of fighter jets procured would “have to go really significantly above 70”.

In The News

Justin Bronk
Research Fellow, Airpower and Technology

Justin Bronk is a Research Fellow specialising in combat airpower and technology in the Military Sciences team at RUSI. He is also... read more