Future Leaders in Illicit Finance Forum

Launched by RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS), the Forum aims at bringing together early career professionals from the public and private sector to intensify their presence and influence in the field.


The UK illicit finance landscape is composed of a close circle of experts working in the public and the private sector, academia, and civil society. While this helps the development of a more coordinated response (especially in the civil society organisations sphere), it potentially creates an echo-chamber where new ideas struggle to develop and makes it harder for young professionals to pierce through and have their voices heard.

In an ongoing campaign to stimulate debate surrounding illicit finance and the role played by the UK to mitigate the risk at the domestic and international level, Future Leaders in Illicit Finance Forum is a community targeting emerging professionals from across the UK who are seeking opportunities to tackle domestic and global challenges related to illicit finance. The main purpose of the Forum is to intensify the presence and influence of voices of emerging professionals in the field. The desired outcome is two-fold: on the one hand, to prepare and help young professionals building their skillset and networks, to become the next generation of dirty money fighters; on the other hand, to generate discussion and promote new views on how to tackle illicit finance.

Members of the Forum

The Forum provides a platform for professionals aged under 35 from both the public and the private sector, civil society, and academia, with a keen interest in reducing the UK’s vulnerabilities regarding illicit finance. Participants can expand their network, increase their knowledge on illicit finance-related issues, and elevate their voices in the field.

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