Revamping Crisis Resilience and Security in the Post-Pandemic World

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Reflections and analysis on the 2020 'Revamping Crisis Resilience and Security in the Post-Pandemic World' conference.


This report emerges from the ‘Revamping Crisis Resilience and Security in the Post-Pandemic World’ conference held on 19 May 2020. Our intention is for it to be used as a resource and source of ideas for resilience and crisis planning officials not just in Sweden but in other countries as well.

The report is structured in two sections. The first addresses the major themes of the conference and provides additional context on how these fit into broader debates about resilience. While not presenting new research, this section highlights the key issues that are often absent from the current discussion on the coronavirus pandemic. It further suggests the major lessons that policymakers should take from the pandemic and indicates policy areas that require specific attention so that future crises will be more effectively addressed.

The second section delves specifically into some of these policy areas. It features shorter contributions from some of the speakers at the conference. In these, the authors distil the key messages presented at the conference relating to each speaker’s area of expertise. In doing so, many of the authors offer novel ideas that merit further consideration.

This work will, it is hoped, generate new discussions among those involved in contingencies planning – both in the public and private sectors – and encourage them to consider solutions that go beyond their traditional remits. In turn, this should lead to more-resilient societies, capable of facing a range of contingencies.

WATCH: Elisabeth Braw interviews Michael Chertoff 

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