Wars in Peace: British Military Operations since 1991

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A comprehensive audit of a quarter-century of British military operations at home and overseas

British operations since the end of the Cold War have spanned the full spectrum of military commitments – from limited, short and sharp demonstrations of force in Sierra Leone and Libya, through to the intense and drawn-out campaigns of Iraq and Afghanistan.

As combat operations in Afghanistan draw to a close, and defence cuts and war weariness threaten to bring an end to an era of interventionism, the question now needs to be asked: have Britain’s military endeavours made it, and the world, a safer place – and at what cost?

Wars in Peace considers the impact of British military operations on domestic security; the legacies of UK interventions and their strategic outcomes; the link between public and elite opinion on intervention; the financial costs of and industrial contribution to operations; the conduct of British strategy; and the UK’s alliances and alignments. It brings together rigorous analysis and provocative conclusions in a comprehensive audit of British military operations of the last quarter century.

Includes contributions by Malcolm Chalmers, Michael Clarke, Michael Codner, Jonathan Eyal, Robert Fry, Henrik Heidenkamp, John Louth, David Omand, Joel Faulkner Rogers and Trevor Taylor.

Foreword by David Richards.

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Lord Richards of Herstmonceux

Adrian L Johnson

I. Fighting for Peace, 1991–2001
Michael Codner

II. The Two Towers, 2001–2013
Michael Codner

III. The Strategic Scorecard: Six Out of Ten
Malcolm Chalmers

IV. The Domestic Balance
David Omand

V. Of Tails and Dogs: Public Support and Elite Opinion
Joel Faulkner Rogers and Jonathan Eyal

VI. On the Offensive
Malcolm Chalmers

VII. Strategy and Operations
Robert Fry

VIII. Brothers in Arms: The Anglo–American Alignment
Michael Clarke

IX. The Sinews of War
Malcolm Chalmers

X. Industry and the Military Instrument
Trevor Taylor, John Louth and Henrik Heidenkamp

Michael Clarke


Wars in Peace: British Military Operations since 1991
Edited by Adrian L Johnson
Foreword by Lord Richards of Herstmonceux

404 pages
ISBN 978-0-85516-193-4

Also available as an e-book (Kindle) 


Malcolm Chalmers

Deputy Director-General

Proliferation and Nuclear Policy

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Joel Rogers de Waal

Associate Fellow

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Professor Michael Clarke

Distinguished Fellow

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Trevor Taylor

Professorial Research Fellow

Defence, Industries and Society

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