Reviewing the Evidence Base for Reintegrating Populations Displaced by Conflict, Strengthening Resilience and Response to Crises

Department for International Development


This study examines the displacement and reintegration of minority communities into majority populations through the lens of four case studies from South Asia – the Hazaras in Afghanistan, the Rohingyas in Myanmar, the Kashmiri Pandits in India and the Tamils in Sri Lanka. It documents lessons from previous reintegration experiences and approaches, including those conducted in regions outside South Asia, and seeks to identify factors that are required for successful reintegration as well as conditions that are believed to undermine the prospects of success. The range of case studies selected enables a more complete understanding of the factors that enable or deter reintegration, in particular factors associated with the conflict itself as well as socioeconomic conditions and policies in both the place of origin and the place of displacement. They also enable an examination of different types of integration or reintegration including different national government, local government, international donors, and civil society approaches.