Commentary Contributor Guidelines

Important information for potential contributors of Commentary articles

RUSI Commentary is the Institute's short-form online blog. Several articles are published each week and all are publicly available.

Submissions for consideration should be between 700-800 words and should be submitted in Word doc form to the Editor of RUSI Commentary, Dr Jonathan Eyal.

Articles should aim to be opinionated, advancing a distinct and clear idea. Authors should use hyperlinks to reference and keep their paragraphs short.

Authors should bear in mind the following questions: What is the hook? What is your argument? Why should people care? Is your analysis original? What evidence is there to support your argument? Is your article easy to understand?

Simultaneous submission to other publications must be indicated. Authors will be notified of the Editor’s decision within two days of submission. All accepted submission will go through an editing process.


Jonathan Eyal

Associate Director, Strategic Research Partnerships

RUSI International

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