Session One: Latin America and Great Power Competition

Veerle Nouwens, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI, chairs the first session of the conference: Latin America and Great Power Competition: What is the Americas’ Place in a Changing Global Order?

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Session One

Latin America and great power competition: What is the Americas’ place in a changing global order?

  • How is Latin American being affecting by rising great power security competition?
  • What security interests are driving US-China-Russia regional competition in the Americas?
  • Is China’s growing military and technological engagement a concern or an opportunity?
  • How can Latin American nations contribute more effectively to global security governance?
  • What multilateral and national foreign and security policies are needed for Latin American countries to respond effectively to geopolitical events?


Chair: Veerle Nouwens, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI


  • Dr Pia Riggirozzi, Professor of Global Development, University of Southampton
  • Dr Vinicius de Carvalho Vice Dean (International), Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy and Reader in Brazilian Studies at King's College London
  • Juan Battaleme, Academic Director, Argentinean Council of International Relations
  • Juan Pablo Toro, Executive Director, AthenaLab

Session Chair

Veerle Nouwens

Senior Research Fellow, Asia-Pacific

International Security

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