1831 Fund

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The 1831 Fund, named after the date of RUSI’s foundation by the Duke of Wellington, is designed to help develop both the research and the physical facilities of the Institute for the future.


Its first objective is to raise £6 million for research investment and necessary building refurbishment of RUSI’s headquarters at Wellington House

As a research-led think tank on defence and security, RUSI needs to establish a sustainable financial base that allows it to invest resources to independently study new security challenges and innovative responses to them.

This also involves constantly enhancing RUSI’s ability to act as a forum for international debate, attracting opinion formers from around the world to share ideas across different countries, generations and cultures.

Following the acquisition and full ownership of Wellington House in 2015, the Institute now has a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the midtwenty-first century for the mutual benefit of all its members, supporters and friends.

In order to realise the full value of its research, RUSI must have world-class facilities to ensure it is fit for policy networking, VIP conferencing and to support global connectivity to the Institute’s worldwide audience.

Make an enduring contribution

Contributors can be recognised in a number of ways: through the naming of prestigious rooms in Wellington House; inclusion on the Twenty-First Century Roll of Honour; named research Fellowships and Scholarships, and via a dedicated events series.

For more information, contach Andrea Long: andreal@rusi.org