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RUSI Hits Half-Way Target in £9 million Fundraising Appeal to Transform Historic Headquarters

News, 30 January 2020
RUSI is delighted to announce that over £4.7 million has been secured for its appeal for 61 Whitehall of an overall goal of £9 million.

The appeal for 61 Whitehall is based on a sensitive restoration, redevelopment and modernisation of RUSI’s historical home in the heart of Whitehall. It was purposely built for the Institute in 1896. When the refurbishment is complete, RUSI’s staff will move back into a flexible and collaborative work space, including modern meeting and conference facilities.

To date, RUSI’s fundraising success is largely attributable to two substantial donations from the Starr International Foundation and the Law Family Charitable Foundation. Generous donations and pledges have also been received from the Garfield Weston Foundation, The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation, Sir Mick Davis, Mr Laurence Geller, Google and a number of other contributions.

Paul Summerfield, RUSI’s Development Director said “RUSI has achieved considerable fundraising success and we are hugely grateful to our donors, our ambassadors, and a number of ‘pathfinders’. We still have another £4.3 million to raise. We hope other philanthropists will be enthused and impressed with RUSI’s high quality research.”

To discuss RUSI’s appeal for restoring, renovating and modernising 61 Whitehall, contact Paul Summerfield (


61 Whitehall is a magnificent Grade II* listed building, designed by Sir Astor Webb for a think tank to prosper in the late 19th century. This appeal intends to make RUSI’s headquarters suitable for one in the 21st century. Further details about the appeal can be found here.

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Paul Summerfield
Director of Development

Paul joined RUSI in September 2018 and is responsible for all of RUSI’s philanthropic fundraising. He is currently leading a campaign to... read more

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