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ESCHER (Electric Series Compliant Humanoid for Emergency Response) at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Robotics Challenge (DRC) in Pomona, California, June 2015.

Warfare in the Information Age

Ewan Lawson and Richard Barrons
RUSI Journal, 30 November 2016
United States, NATO, North America, Americas, Military Sciences, Defence Policy, Global Security Issues, Technology, Europe
Western governments will need to adopt new military technologies – and be prepared to pay for them – in order to compete in the Information Age.

The nature of the geostrategic and military challenges facing the UK and NATO is changing in ways that necessitate a significant rethink of the approach to defence, Ewan Lawson and Richard Barrons argue. Developments in technology have the potential to redress the balance but only with new conceptual approaches and a commitment to spend appropriately.

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Ewan Lawson
Senior Research Fellow

Ewan Lawson is Senior Research Fellow for Military Influence at the Royal United Services Institute.

He researches a range of... read more

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