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A US Marine Corps leaflet drop over Afghanistan, August 2013. Courtesy of US Marine Corps/Demetrius Munnerlyn

The Taming of the Shrewd: How Can the Military Tackle Sophistry, ‘Fake’ News and Post-Truth in the Digital Age?

Neil Verrall and David Mason
RUSI Journal, 19 March 2018
The military needs to develop a deeper understanding of the power of words to combat the speed and scale at which misinformation is disseminated.

Who can be believed and how should people act in a contemporary atmosphere of alternative facts, the rise of ‘fake’ information and post-truth politics? Neil Verrall and David Mason suggest that although these are not new concepts, the global speed and scale of information and discourse that military commanders need to address to communicate effectively in the current and future operating environments present new and challenging issues.

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