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Dutch and US personnel return one another's fl ags following activities as part of the Tactical Leadership Programme in Spain, September 2016. Courtesy of US Air Force/Enerson Nuñez

Tactical Friends with Strategic Benefits: NATO’s Tactical Leadership Programme

J Wesley Hutto and Derrick V Frazier
RUSI Journal, 6 December 2018
The Tactical Leadership Programme is an example of how socialisation works within NATO structures.

NATO structures drive the effective socialisation of norms, rules and procedures. The cumulative effect of such structuring precipitates its persistence over time. Focusing on the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP), J Wesley Hutto and Derrick V Frazier highlight how this programme affects socialisation at the lowest levels. It creates a sense of shared understanding of mission goals and operations through standardised and shared tactics, common equipment and common language. While challenges undoubtedly exist, programmes such as the TLP will continue to function and cumulatively create tactical, operational and strategic advantages that make the future persistence of NATO more likely.

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