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Pro-Russian protests in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine in 2014. Russia has been accused of using  agent-provocateurs  to incite anti-Western sentiment in neighbouring  countries.  Courtesy of Andrew Butko/Wikimedia

The Russian Military’s New ‘Main Emphasis’: Asymmetric Warfare

Rod Thornton
RUSI Journal, 5 October 2017
Russia, Defence Policy, Information, Europe
Russia’s armed forces are at the centre of the country’s efforts to win wars without using violence.

The nature of the Russian military threat to Western interests needs to be reassessed. An examination of articles in Russian military journals shows that its senior ranks now see ‘asymmetric means and methods’ as their new ‘main emphasis’ in modern peer-state wars. Rod Thornton explains that for them, winning such wars through asymmetric means has become a key way to impose Moscow’s will on other states. Remarkably, they seek to avoid the use of military violence.

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