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Chinese navy ships, Huanggang (577) and Yangzhou (578), in West India Dock, October 2017. Both new frigates are part of the East China Sea Fleet and belong to the Type 054A missile frigate family developed and built by China. Courtesy of PA Images

The Reality of China’s Maritime Capability

Martin N Murply and Peter Roberts
RUSI Journal, 30 August 2018
China, US Defence Policy, Defence Policy, Maritime Forces, Pacific
Beijing has rapidly modernised and expanded its capabilities as it challenges the West in China’s neighbourhood.

It is the policy of the Chinese Communist Party that the country should become a great maritime power. In this article, Martin N Murphy and Peter Roberts provide an overview of what this means militarily, where China is laying down a challenge to the US and its regional neighbours, where it is falling short, and what this has to do with Europe.

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Professor Peter Roberts
Director Military Sciences, RUSI

Peter is Director of Military Sciences at the Royal United Services Institute, having been the Senior Research Fellow for Sea Power and... read more

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