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The Political and Security Nexus of the Taiwan Strait and China’s New Military Capabilities

Paul Irwin Crookes
RUSI Journal, 28 April 2016
China, Global Security Issues
The election of Tsai Ing-wen could have a profound impact on relations between Beijing and Taipei at a time when the military balance is shifting in the mainland's favour

This article explores the political and security implications for relations between Beijing and Taipei in light of the recent election of a new Taiwanese president. Due to be inaugurated in May 2016, Tsai Ing-wen hails from a different point on the political spectrum to that of the outgoing leadership, introducing uncertainties in the political relationship with the mainland and casting light on the continuing importance of the United States as a security actor in the region. Concurrent with outlining the nature of this political change and the uncertainties this introduces, Paul Irwin Crookes evaluates evidence of a shift in the balance of military power across the Taiwan Strait, potentially changing the dynamics of decision-making for all sides in the event of future conflict.

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