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INS Viraat escorting the Indian Navy's newly acquired aircraft carrier Vikramaditya during her delivery voyage.

Pirates, Drugs and Navies: Why the Western Indian Ocean Needs a New Security Architecture

Christian Bueger and Jan Stockbruegger
RUSI Journal, 30 November 2016
Military Sciences, Horn of Africa, International Institutions, Maritime Forces, Africa, Central and South Asia, Middle East and North Africa
As international counter-piracy missions wind down, the region needs to develop coherent, effective and enduring structures to enhance maritime governance.

International operations against piracy in the Western Indian Ocean are due to wind down. Some major external navies will probably remain, but the region’s states will have to adjust to their new role in managing the challenging security environment. In this article, Christian Bueger and Jan Stockbruegger examine the options for cooperation in this volatile region.

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