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OMG Cyber! Thirteen Reasons Why Hype Makes for Bad Policy

Robert M Lee and Thomas Rid
RUSI Journal, 4 November 2014
Cyber, Future UK Cyber Security Strategy Project, Defence Policy, Technology
Whipping up ‘cyber-angst’ has significant, long-term costs which are yet to be fully understood

For many austerity-hit Western countries, the defence budget has been a prime target for significant cuts. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the United States. Yet one element of the Pentagon’s budget continues to grow: cyber. High-profile security breaches at the corporate level and reports of cyber-espionage at the national level seemingly justify the vast sums involved in ensuring cyber-security. However, Robert M Lee and Thomas Rid argue that ‘cyber-angst’ is damaging – and self-serving. In this article, they list thirteen reasons why such cyber-security hype is counterproductive.

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