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Spanish submarine. Courtesy of PA Images/GTRES

A New Debt Burden for Spain’s Defence Planning

Guillem Colom-Piella
RUSI Journal, 18 December 2019
Defence Management, Defence Policy, Europe
Large debt payments threaten the future capabilities of the Spanish armed forces.

At 0.92% of GDP in 2019 and with the expectation that this figure will remain frozen until 2022, Spain’s defence budget is, proportionally, the second-lowest of the NATO countries obliged to meet the 2% target. However, €12.9 billion has just been committed to replace older weaponry and ensure work for the country’s defence industry. With a public debt that hinders military planning and no budgetary stability to guarantee the financing and maintenance of weapons and equipment, Spain risks fielding inoperative armed forces incapable of either contributing to collective security or satisfying the country’s defence needs. Guillem Colom-Piella explores the current situation and its potential implications.

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