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Armed police following the terror attack at London Bridge in the British capital, June 2017. Courtesy of PA Images/Dominic Lipinski

Marauding Terrorist Firearms’ Attacks: A Practitioner’s View of the UK’s Emergency Service Initial Response Arrangements to Deal with an Active Shooter

Dave Graham
RUSI Journal, 1 June 2018
UK, Terrorism
Improvement is needed to the UK’s emergency services’s plans to respond to marauding terrorist firearms’ attacks.

Emotive scenes on television screens herald a new of increasingly frequent terrorist attacks. Events across the globe highlight the potential lethality of asymmetrical belligerents, either operating alone or as part of an organised team, causing carnage and widespread fatalities with firearms. With the increased likelihood of this type of attack in the UK, David Graham asks whether response plans are both appropriate and effective in their pre-planning in the view of professional emergency service commanders who will be responsible for dealing with these incidents.

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