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Soldiers engage the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Learning Tactical and Operational Combat Lessons for High-End Warfighting from Counterinsurgency

Nick Reynolds
RUSI Journal, 18 December 2019
Counterinsurgency, UK, Defence Policy, Military Personnel, UK Defence, Europe
Experience of the Helmand campaign provides lessons beyond counterinsurgency.

Using Operation Panther’s Claw as a case study, Nick Reynolds identifies tactical and operational combat lessons from the Helmand campaign that are relevant to warfighting at scale. Future conflicts will be hybrid, will include an asymmetric threat, and are more likely to occur in complex or urban terrain. British forces will have to fight dispersed and in depth. They must be capable of retaining mobility, must have a high level of organic lethality to compensate for the difficulties with establishing mutual support, and be prepared to fight intermingled with regular and irregular enemy forces as operational penetration will be inevitable.

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Nick Reynolds
Research Analyst: Land Warfare

Nick Reynolds is the Research Analyst for Land Warfare at RUSI.  His research interests include land... read more

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