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The ground-based electro-optical deep-space surveillance telescope located in New Mexico, March 2017. Courtesy of US Air Force/Dennis Hoffman

Increasing Resilience in Space-Based Capabilities for the UK Through Improved Space Situational Awareness and Regulatory Control

Ian Annett and Roddy Dennis
RUSI Journal, 31 May 2018
Aerospace, Technology
Improved Space Situational Awareness and a regulatory framework are needed.

With an increasing reliance on space-based capabilities for national infrastructure and a growing focus on potential opportunities around the space industry, Ian Annett and Roddy Dennis argue that there is a requirement for improved Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and more coherent regulation and governance at national and international levels. They consider the current approach to SSA and offer an analysis of the existing regulatory framework, before proposing a future approach for the UK.

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