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British evacuees are airlifted from Beirut to the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious off the coast of Lebanon, July 2006.

How Should the State Manage the Contemporary Expectation of Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations?

David Bond
RUSI Journal, 30 November 2016
Defence Management, Defence Policy, Global Security Issues
Faced with escalating costs, governments should rethink their approach to non-combatant evacuation.

Globalisation is challenging the conventional, state-centric concept of security while politicians perpetuate the myth that the state can, and will, offer absolute security to its citizens overseas. David Bond explores how the scale of the challenge of a non-combatant evacuation operation (NEO) could already be beyond the capacity of many states in the current era of increasingly diverse security threats, reduced capital military assets and diminishing defence resources.

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