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Members of the US Army 173rd Airborne Brigade take position during Exercise Iron Wolf 2016 at the Rukla military base, Lithuania.

Confronting the Anti-Access/Area Denial and Precision Strike Challenge in the Baltic Region

Alexander Lanoszka and Michael A Hunzeker
RUSI Journal, 30 November 2016
NATO, Defence Policy, Land Forces, Europe
NATO’s forces will need to operate in new ways to confront Russia’s military capabilities in the Baltic.

The Baltic States are once again worried that their security is under threat. The US and NATO have responded with air patrols, joint exercises, and battalion-sized groundforce deployments. As important as these efforts have been, they do not fully address Russia’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) and precision strike capabilities, both of which undermine NATO’s stratagem for deterring aggression in the first place. Alexander Lanoszka and Michael A Hunzeker assess the current military imbalance and describe two conflict scenarios to show how A2/AD and precision weapons threaten extended deterrence. They conclude with a discussion of the policy implications.

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