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Sajid Javid pointing to reporters (not pictured) at a press conference with the London Eye in the background. Courtesy of PA Images/Stefan Rousseau

Beyond Prevention: The Role of Strategic Communications Across the Four Pillars of Counterterrorism Strategy

Andrew Glazzard and Alastair Reed
RUSI Journal, 21 February 2020
UK Counter-terrorism, Tackling Extremism, UK, Domestic Security, Information, National Security, Terrorism, Europe
Strategic communications is a valuable addition to counterterrorism policy.

The rise to prominence of Daesh and its expert exploitation of extremist propaganda has brought in to focus the role of strategic communications in counterterrorism (CT) and countering violent extremism policy. Nonetheless, strategic communications tends to be discussed largely in relation to counter-recruitment and counter-radicalisation. Using the UK’s CT strategy as a case study, Andrew Glazzard and Alastair Reed argue that strategic communications has a far wider application in CT.

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Dr Andrew Glazzard OBE
Senior Associate Fellow

Dr Andrew Glazzard is Associate Professor at Swansea University’s Cyber Threats Research Centre. He was Director of the National... read more

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