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Beyond Muddling Through: Towards a Blueprint for UK International Policing and Law Enforcement

Stephanie Blair and Maureen Brown
RUSI Journal, 14 March 2016
United Nations, Global Strategy and Commitments, UK, International Institutions, National Security
The UK needs a holistic and pragmatic strategy for international policing if it is to achieve its goals in both domestic and international security policy

The UK appears to be making a cautious return to international policing after a decade of following an approach best described as ‘muddling through’. Recent reforms and new co-ordinating structures seek to improve coherence and promote the British model of policing abroad. These are timely initiatives as international policing is also under review at the UN. Yet what is missing – argue Stephanie Blair and Maureen Brown – is a clear, pragmatic, realistic and holistic UK government strategy for international policing and law enforcement that would provide a sense of purpose, ambition and direction, and deliver coherence across UK domestic and international security objectives.

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