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The Missing Link in Britain’s Forces

Jack Watling
RUSI Defence Systems, 25 August 2020
Land Operations, Military Sciences, Land Forces
If the British Army is to achieve the digital integration that underpins its Information Manoeuvre concept then its recce platforms need Link-16

The British Army is keen to pioneer an any-sensor to any-shooter kill chain across its force. The ambition is that it should not matter if an enemy is detected by an infanteer, reconnaissance vehicle crew, a helicopter, F35 or electronic warfare unit. They should be able to get the track data to something with the appropriate weapon system to engage.

The critical requirement in achieving this is a digital backbone across the force that allows data and communications to be moved between units. The British Army’s Morpheus System and related programmes are aiming to upgrade data-sharing capabilities throughout the Army. However, the concept of a unified information-sharing system is not new, and while pursuing future capabilities the Army would do well to integrate it into existing systems.

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Dr Jack Watling
Research Fellow, Land Warfare

Dr Jack Watling is Research Fellow for Land Warfare. Jack has recently conducted studies of deterrence against Russia, force... read more

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