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Graduation ceremony of the second battalion of the government army in Taiz, Yemen, March 2017. Courtesy of PA Images/Abdulnasser Alseddik

Rehabilitating the Yemeni Defence and Security Establishment: Then and Now

Aldwin Wight and James Spencer
Article, 17 October 2018
Military Personnel, Technology
Its history provides important insights on the current situation in Yemen.

In Yemen, military effectiveness has often been secondary to political or financial advantage. State or military ‘capture’ by self-serving cliques increases corruption and discontent. However, Aldwin Wight and James Spencer argue that viable and equable military organisations and dispositions can be created and maintained, and that a combination of transparency and technology can help to identify and inhibit corruption. The key to achieving a capable military is political will, and this article shows how external sticks and carrots may help.

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