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Countering Proliferation Finance: Implementation Guide and Model Law for Governments

Andrea Berger and Anagha Joshi
Other Publications, 21 July 2017
Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, Counter-Proliferation Finance, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, United Nations, North Korea, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, Pacific
This is the second of two guidance papers produced by RUSI on countering proliferation finance. It aims to assist governments seeking to strengthen their legal and institutional frameworks to counter proliferation finance.

The proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and their delivery vehicles is a persistent threat to global peace and security. In the face of the grave risks posed by proliferation, the international community must devise effective ways to prevent state and non-state actors from attaining WMDs.

This guidance paper aims to assist governments in strengthening their domestic counter proliferation finance (CPF) regimes. It outlines the increasingly complex global obligations on CPF and offers practical tools for states to implement these obligations in their jurisdictions. Attached to the guidance paper are model legislative provisions to assist governments develop necessary CPF legislation.

The paper also explores approaches to inter-agency cooperation to facilitate CPF efforts, international avenues for collaboration, and the importance of a public–private partnership. Without these ingredients, states are likely to lack a sufficient body of real-time information to support taking action pursuant to national legislation, no matter how well it is formulated.

The first guidance paper on countering proliferation finance is aimed at financial institutions that have carried out little or no concerted thinking on proliferation finance as distinct from other forms of financial crime.

Andrea Berger
Associate Fellow

Andrea Berger is a Senior Analyst in the Canadian Privy Council Office, which serves the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Prior to... read more

Anagha Joshi
Associate Fellow

Anagha undertakes research projects for RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies. She also works as an independent... read more

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