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Vostok’s Weak Optics Reveal Russia and China’s Fractured Relationship

Emily Ferris and Veerle Nouwens
RUSI Newsbrief, 21 September 2018
China, International Security Studies, Land Operations, New Silk Road, Russia, Global Security Issues, Land Forces
The joint Russia–China Vostok exercises demonstrated some military cooperation between the two. However, the more significant event was the concomitant Eastern Economic Forum, an investment forum hosted in Russia’s Far East. Amid a depressed economy, Russia is attempting to encourage Chinese investment in the Far East, but many deals with China have fallen through and large-scale investment is unlikely to be forthcoming.

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Emily Ferris
Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia

Emily Ferris is a Research Fellow in the International Security Studies department at RUSI, specialising in Russia and Eurasia’s foreign... read more

Veerle Nouwens
Senior Research Fellow

Veerle Nouwens is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Security Studies Department of the Royal United Services Institute,... read more

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