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The Russia Army will take possession of only 70 of the new T-14 Armata main battle tank by 2020.  The last of  the 2,300 tanks ordered will trundle off the production line in 2025, a significant delay. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Vitaly V Kuzmin.

Russia’s Military Reform: Why the Kremlin Needs the West

Igor Sutyagin
Newsbrief, 9 December 2016
International Security Studies, Russia, Defence Policy, Land Forces, Europe
President Vladimir Putin’s much-vaunted military reforms are headed for the rocks unless Moscow can address serious political and economic challenges.

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Dr Igor Sutyagin
Senior Research Fellow, Russian Studies

Dr Igor Sutyagin's research is concerned with US-Russian relations, strategic armaments developments and broader nuclear arms control,... read more

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