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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un waves to the scientists and technicians who developed the Hwasong-12, the precursor to the Hwasong-14 ICBM, May 2017. Courtesy of the Central News Agency (KCNA).

North Korea: Policy Options after an ICBM Test

Cristina Varriale
RUSI Newsbrief, 25 July 2017
Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, North Korea, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy
On 4 July, North Korea successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. While the options for responding to this test remain the same (sanctions and economic pressures, formal negotiations, military action and deterrence), the mix and calibration of these tools need to change.

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Cristina Varriale
Research Fellow

Cristina Varriale is a Research Fellow with in Proliferation and Nuclear Policy at RUSI, where she focuses on North Korea’s WMD... read more

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