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The Implications of Chinese Developments in Non-Kinetic Space Technology

Alexandra Stickings and Veerle Nouwens
Newsbrief, 13 April 2018
China, Technology
In pursuit of establishing itself as a global space power, China has been busy developing and operationalising non-kinetic space technology. But in space, where ‘anything can be a weapon’, risks of oblique militarisation raise concerns over Beijing’s activity in the final frontier.

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Alexandra Stickings
Research Analyst, National Security and Resilience

Alexandra Stickings is a Research Analyst within the National Security and Resilience Studies group at RUSI. Working primarily within... read more

Veerle Nouwens
Research Fellow

Veerle Nouwens is a Research Fellow at the International Security Studies Department of the Royal United Services Institute, focusing on... read more

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