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Banner image: Evidence suggests that the former Portuguese colony of Macau – now an autonomous region under Chinese sovereignty – is the conduit for high-value money laundering. Image courtesy of Diego Delso/Wikimedia.

Gambling on Low-Risk: Anti-Money Laundering in Non-Banking Sectors

Alexandra Stickings
Newsbrief, 2 December 2016
Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, AML/CTF, National Security and Resilience Studies, UK, Organised Crime, Europe
Fines recently imposed on leading bookmakers highlight why the UK’s anti-money laundering action plan must include non-banking sectors so that the challenges they face are taken into account.

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Alexandra Stickings
Research Analyst, National Security and Resilience

Alexandra Stickings is a Research Analyst within the National Security and Resilience Studies group at RUSI. Working primarily within... read more

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