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The UK and India in the Maritime Domain: Prospects for Integration and Cooperation

Aaditya Dave
Conference Reports, 24 June 2019
International Security Studies, India, UK, Global Security Issues, International Institutions, Maritime Forces, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding, Pacific
In February 2019, RUSI and Carnegie India hosted a dialogue that explored possibilities for maritime cooperation between India and the UK in the Indo-Pacific region.

On 28 February 2019, RUSI and Carnegie India, with support from the British High Commission New Delhi, hosted a dialogue in New Delhi on India and the UK in the Indo-Pacific. The participants, including experts, officials and serving and retired naval officers from both countries, discussed the two countries’ perspectives on the maritime domain and identified areas of potential collaboration as well as challenges to cooperation.

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Aaditya Dave
Research Analyst
Aaditya Dave is a Research Analyst focusing on South Asia in the International Security... read more

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