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UK Prime Minister Theresa May inspects the Guard of Honour as she meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, 20 July 2016.

The Future of Post-Brexit Germany–UK Security Relations

Sarah Lain
Conference Reports, 6 September 2016
International Security Studies, Germany, European Union, Global Strategy and Commitments, UK, UK Defence, Europe
Britain's vote to leave the European Union poses challenges for Germany–UK security cooperation.

On 11 July 2016, RUSI and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) hosted a half-day workshop aimed at bringing together leading German and UK security specialists as well as members of the UK Parliament and German Bundestag to discuss key aspects of European security. This was a timely event, taking place less than three weeks after the UK referendum on membership of the EU, which resulted in an unexpected vote in favour of Brexit.

This report summarises the major conclusions and talking points of the day’s discussions and also suggests areas on which policymakers should focus their attention. It has been supplemented by additional desk research where appropriate. The aim is to highlight knowledge gaps and areas of defence and security policy that warrant further research in order to inform more effective policy, particularly in light of Brexit, and the challenges that these present to both the UK and EU governments.

About the Author

Sarah Lain is a Research Fellow at RUSI. Her research focuses on the post-Soviet space, in particular Russia and Central Asia.

Sarah is currently completing a large project looking at China’s growing influence in Central Asia, and how this impacts Russia’s role in the region. She has written and commented on Russia’s foreign policy, particularly in relation to Ukraine and Syria. Sarah also has a particular interest in financial crime and corruption, with a focus on how the UK facilitates illicit financial flows originating from former Soviet countries. In 2016 she was appointed specialist adviser to the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, assisting on their enquiry into UK–Russia bilateral relations.

Sarah Lain
Associate Fellow

Sarah Lain is currently a Research Advisor, based in Kyiv. She previously served as a Research Fellow at RUSI in the International... read more

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