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Mid-Term Blues: Defence and the 2013 Spending Review

Malcolm Chalmers
Briefing Papers, 25 February 2013
As the government's austerity measures continue, the Ministry of Defence will face more tough choices with less money

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The Treasury’s 2012 Autumn Statement announced further reductions in defence spending over the next two years, over and above those planned in the SDSR. These, in turn, have reduced the baseline budget from which budgets after 2014/15 will now be calculated.

Although difficult decisions on the defence budget have been taken by the MoD, allowing Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond to declare the books balanced in May 2012, it seems another round of tough choices are set to follow the Treasury's November Autumn Statement. This briefing paper details the likely trajectory of the UK defence budget, and what it could mean for department expenditure.

About the Author

Professor Malcolm Chalmers is Research Director and Director (UK Defence Policy) at RUSI. 

Malcolm Chalmers
Deputy Director-General

Professor Malcolm Chalmers is Deputy Director-General of RUSI and directs its growing portfolio of research into contemporary... read more

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