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Future Defence Review Working Papers

Series edited by Michael Codner
Briefing Papers, 8 January 2010
Armed Forces, Defence Spending, Equipment and Acquisitions, Global Strategy and Commitments, Military Sciences, UK, UK Defence Policy, UK Defence
Ahead of the long-overdue 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review, the RUSI Future Defence Review Working Papers generated a comprehensive vision for Britain's armed forces

Ahead of the 2010 SDSR, this series of working papers provided independent analysis and opinion on issues likely to feature in the review. The purpose of the series was to promote a vigorous and comprehensive debate, unconstrained by any preconceptions of Britain’s role in the world or the purposes of its armed forces, amongst political parties, the academic community, industry and the electorate as a whole.

For the book published in association with I.B.Tauris, A Question of Security, in part based on the working paper series, please click here.

Michael Codner
Senior Research Fellow and Director of Personnel Services

Michael Codner is Senior Research Fellow in Military Sciences and Editorial Director of RUSI Defence Systems. Until 2013, he... read more

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