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The International Security Studies 'Russia in the World' programme offers a new approach to less-studied aspects of Russia, helping to understand its political systems, the way in which its strategies are created, and how Russia works.

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The Russia in the World programme looks at a range of important themes, including political processes beyond the Kremlin walls, and the role of Russia's regional government in domestic policy-making. Infrastructure is also a major part of our research at RUSI, focusing on Russia's maritime and military logistical complexes. We also analyse the importance of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia's domestic and foreign policy decisions, and aim to unpack the main drivers of Russia's foreign and security policies beyond the former Soviet Union.

 Programme Team

Emily Ferris
Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia

Dr Andrew Monaghan
Senior Associate Fellow

Dr Mark Galeotti
Senior Associate Fellow

Natia Seskuria
Associate Fellow

Dr Tracey German
Associate Fellow

Dr Richard Connolly
Associate Fellow

 Related Projects

Transport infrastructure

  • Russia's Far East is poorly connected to its Western regions by rail and road
  • Weak infrastructure is hindering Russia’s ability to mobilise troops quickly, as well as taking advantage of trade opportunities in the East with China

Status: Ongoing project

Russian Visiting Fellowship

  • New Voices from the Regions Visiting Fellowship: a 6-month remote Russia fellowship that draws on regional academic expertise outside of Moscow
  • Production of several short papers over 6 months on regional security issues

Status: Coming soon

Strategic nuclear culture

  • Who are the 'carriers' of strategic culture in Russia, and what is the gap between official words and deeds when it comes to strategic nuclear decision-making?
  • How does this impact Russia's threshold for nuclear warfare?

Status: Ongoing

UK-Russia Security Dialogue

Alongside our partner, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in Moscow, RUSI has for the past 5 years fostered open dialogue with Russian academics, the private sector and NGOs to discuss sensitive security issues.

Status: Ongoing

Serbia's Strategic Manoeuvring and Sino-Russian interests

China and Russia are expanding their relationships with Serbia, but does deeper engagement translate into influence? This paper argues that Russian and Chinese competition is to Serbia's advantage.

Status: Completed

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Emily Ferris
Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia