Neil Couch

Associate Fellow


Neil Couch served over 30 years in the British Army, commanding close support signals units in UK, Hong Kong, Germany, the Balkans, South West Africa and the Arctic.  He commanded 1st (UK) Signal Brigade from 2004 to 2005 in support of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

His MOD appointments included developing defensive cyber strategy; conceptual development of UK Network Enabled Capability; and strategic level planning of CIS support to operations including Iraq and Afghanistan.  From 2008 to 2011, he led the planning of the Defence programme for all future communications systems and services, deployed and non-deployed, from tactical to strategic, in all environments.

Since 2013 he has been an independent consultant to the defence sector, principally in the areas of cyber defence, big data and satellite communications.  

He is a graduate of the Higher Command and Staff Course and the Royal College of Defence Studies, where he concentrated on the impact of corruption and organised crime on the stability of the state.  He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered IT Professional and has been an Associate Fellow at RUSI since June 2016.

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