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Digital Communications Officer

Tom Ascott is the Digital Communications Officer at the Royal United Services Institute. He is in charge of coordinating all of RUSI's digital offering, including the website, production of the RUSI Podcast 'In Context' and the social media channels. He is organising the RUSI modernisation by updating their content online and bringing it to a higher quality. He joined RUSI in November 2017.

Tom did his undergraduate in Law at King's College London as well as his masters in Global Ethics and Human Values. He wrote his undergraduate thesis on Human Rights and his graduate thesis on the risks posed by Automated Weapons Systems.

His professional background is in research, technology and analysis. His interests are technology, law and ethics, and autonomous military systems.

Tom Ascott

Contact Details

RUSI Whitehall

+44 (0) 2079305854

Research Focus

Cyber, UK, Information, Intelligence, Technology Autonomous Weapons Systems ;

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