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Visiting Fellow, Pakistan

Kamal’s research focuses on Pakistan defence issues, Pakistan military’s relationship with the Arab States, Syrian Army and the non-Arab countries. Previously, he worked at the Syrian Institute for Strategic Studies in Damascus. He has also worked on the Syria Programme at the Aspen Institute in Berlin and has been a visiting lecturer at several military academies and staff colleges in the Middle East, Britain and Pakistan.

Kamal holds a BA from the University of Durham in the Politics & History of the Middle East with Arabic, his undergraduate dissertation which was a comparative work on the idea of war in Judaic and Islamic theology was supervised by Rabbi Robert Ash. Kamal also studied in Damascus focussing on Syrian History and currently advises several Damascus and Deir ez-Zor based family offices. His PhD examines the Geopolitics of Afghanistan & the Arab World, focusing primarily on trade corridors set up by the Arabs and Turks in medieval times and what relevance they hold for the modern geopolitics of the Middle East and Central Asia.

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