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UK Modernising Defence Programme

The UK government is currently undertaking a 'Modernising Defence Programme' that 'looks at what defence needs and how defence works, so that we can deliver better military capability'. The exercise aims to cover the defence elements of the National Security and Capability Review. Throughout the process, RUSI will offer expert analysis of the programme.

The UK National Security Capability Review and the Fusion Doctrine

As Parliament rose for the Easter recess, Prime Minister Theresa May issued a statement announcing the release of the National Security Capability Review.

The UK Modernising Defence Programme: ‘Get with the Programme’

Officials in the Ministry of Defence charged with delivery of the UK Modernising Defence Programme would do well to heed the title and take a robust programmatic approach to their task.

John Louth
Commentary16 February 2018

Decision Time: The National Security Capability Review 2017–

2018 and Defence

This report looks at the implications of the UK government's decision to take the defence elements out of the National Security Capability Review, which has been underway since July 2017. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has made clear that his 'hope' is that the 'Modernising Defence Programme’ (MDP) will be published before the House of Commons rises for the summer recess in July 2018.

Malcolm Chalmers
Whitehall Reports6 February 2018

The UK Defence Modernisation Programme: A Risk and an Opportunity

The UK government has decided that the defence elements of the National Security Capability Review will be subject to further review.

Professor Malcolm Chalmers
Commentary25 January 2018