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Twenty-First Century Manoeuvre

19-20 June 2018
Church House Conference Centre, SW1P 3NZ

Held annually on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff, this conference reflected on the breadth of challenges confronting today’s land forces in a global security environment characterised by constant competition and unpredictability.

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This year the Land Warfare Conference, held annually on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff, will consider how land forces can achieve competitive advantage from 2025 and beyond.
The international system is undergoing a major transition – the unipolar world has disappeared, replaced by uncertainty and instability. At the same time, the tempo of technological change and the pervasiveness of information are driving changes in the character of conflict. It is not yet clear where the intersection of these changes will lead and where the next competitive advantage will come from, whether on the battlefield or beyond.

Regardless of those changes in the character of conflict, land-based forces will continue to act within the framework of manoeuvre – seeking always a position of advantage over adversaries.

The conference sessions will, therefore, explore the following themes:
  • How has manoeuvre evolved through history? Is it now more than three dimensional?
  • What doctrine, capabilities and structures will be needed to out-manoeuvre adversaries?
  • How will Land capabilities contribute to successful outcomes at the operational and strategic levels?
  • International Chiefs Panel: How will allies manoeuvre beyond 2025?
  • What are the human factors that bear on 21st Century manoeuvre? 
  • How should armies train for 21st Century manoeuvre?
  • Closing Keynote: Chief of the General Staff

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The 2017 Conference

Presentations from the most recent conference:

General Sir Nicholas Carter, Chief of the General Staff

Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon MP, Secretary of State for Defence

General Mark A Milley, Chief of Staff, US Army

Lieutenant General Jörg Vollmer,Chief of Staff for the German Army,

Major General Laurent Kolodziej, representing General Jean-Pierre Bosser, Chief of Staff for the French Army.

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    The 2017 conference focused on the following themes:

      • Today’s Strategic Context – the era of ‘constant competition’ and its policy challenges 
      • The Chiefs Panel – international Chiefs of Staff shared their approaches to modernising land forces 
      • Confronting the Information Challenge – addressing and exploiting the demands of operating in an Information Age 
      • The Human Dimension – digital literacy, twenty-first century communication and maximising the talent on which they depend
      • Future Combined Arms Operations – capability development and integration for operating dispersed, decentralised and cross-domain
      • Training as Surrogate Warfare – enabling adaptation and innovation, building combat ethos and strategic outputs for reassurance and deterrence