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The 2016 Land Warfare Conference, held annually on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff, reflected on the breadth of challenges confronting today’s land forces in a global security environment characterised by constant competition and unpredictability.

While the British Army is at its smallest for two centuries, the tasks assigned to it range ever-wider, from national resilience at home and countering terrorism overseas, to conventional deterrence against state threats through restoring the capability for war-fighting at scale.

The conference explored this ‘adaptability challenge’ through the following themes:

Uncertain Threats – uncertainties of state, non-state and hybrid threats

Theories and Practices for Adaptability – insights from historical, contemporary and private sector adaptability

Partnering for Adaptability  at home and internationally, whether military, cross-government, industry or civil society

Confronting the Challenge  perspectives from ‘the generation that matters’ 

Chief of the General Staff Keynote – force development for adaptability

General Sir Nick Carter - RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2016