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Using Land Power Decisively in an Era of Constant Competition

27-28 June 2017, Church House, London

Held annually on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff, this conference reflects on the breadth of challenges confronting today’s land forces in a global security environment characterised by constant competition and unpredictability.

The 2017 conference will focus on the following themes:

  • Today’s Strategic Context – the era of ‘constant competition’ and its policy challenges 
  • The Chiefs Panel – international Chiefs of Staff share their approaches to modernising land forces 
  • Confronting the Information Challenge – addressing and exploiting the demands of operating in an Information Age 
  • The Human Dimension – digital literacy, twenty-first century communication and maximising the talent on which they depend
  • Future Combined Arms Operations – capability development and integration for operating dispersed, decentralised and cross-domain
  • Training as Surrogate Warfare – enabling adaptation and innovation, building combat ethos and strategic outputs for reassurance and deterrence
  • For details of the 2016 conference, please click here.

    RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2016 Presentations