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Securing Competitive Advantage

4-5 June 2019

Held annually on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff, the RUSI Land Warfare Conference is the UK’s pre-eminent gathering of the land forces community.

This Year’s Agenda: Securing Competitive Advantage

Over the past decade adversaries have developed doctrine and capabilities specifically tailored to counter the western way of war. Acting below the threshold of direct armed conflict they have exploited the west’s binary view of war and peace. Through asymmetric warfare they have outlasted armies designed for winning decisive exchanges. With cyberattacks and electronic warfare they have threatened the precision of western systems; re-empowering states that can generate mass. From cover-agnostic high-lethality munitions, to the proliferation of anti-access area denial systems, new technologies are posing unprecedented challenges to western armies.

The result is constant competition between states, creating greater instability in contested environments, and a growing risk of major armed conflict. People start wars when they think they can win them, making it vital to secure demonstrable competitive advantages. But as publics become increasingly detached from military affairs, and budgets are cut, land forces need to be innovative and strategic in how they develop capabilities, doctrine, and interoperability both with allies, and across government.

RUSI’s Land Warfare Conference Conference is the UK’s pre-eminent gathering of the land forces community, bringingbrings together leading practitioners, thinkers, policymakers, and industrialists in a unique forum for unparalleled discussion, debate, and networking.

This year’s conference will explore:

  • What are the key dynamics of constant competition shaping land warfare?

  • How can armies modernise while remaining resilient and scalable?

  • How must land forces operate in increasingly denied and dangerous environments?

  • How can land forces secure information advantage?

  • What are the trajectories of competing alliances?