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Tracking the Integrated Review

Analysis of issues that will be important to an Integrated Review of UK defence, foreign and security policy.


The UK's Integrated Review has Restarted: Are Key Questions and Assumptions Still Valid? 

Commentary, 3 July 2020 

Peter Roberts 

Strengthening Arms Control Through Multilateralism, and Multilateralism Through Arms Control

Commentary, 19 June 2020

Tomáš Petříček

NATO 2030: Difficult Times Ahead

Commentary, 15 June 2020 

Peter Roberts 

Financial Crime and Brexit: Can We Agree on Nothing?

Commentary, 11 June 2020

Tom Keatinge

What Happens when Soft Power Has to Stay Home? 

Commentary, 8 June 2020

Edward Elliot 

The UN and Peacekeeping in the UK's Integrated Review 

Commentary, 5 June 2020

Ewan Lawson

Replacing the 'Golden Age' Policy Towards China 

Commentary, 28 May 2020

Sir Bernard Jenkin

Toward a New Arctic: Changing Strategic Geography in the GIUK Gap 

RUSI Journal, 27 May 2020

Rebecca Pincus 

A Case for Replacing the RAF's Sentinel R.1 Fleet with Additional P-8A Poseidon Aircraft

RUSI Defence Systems, 13 May 2020 

Justin Bronk 

The UK's Integrated Review: A Return to Phoney War 

Commentary, 7 May 2020

Andrew Curtis 

Integrated Review: The UK's Approach to India

Commentary, 5 May 2020 

Aaditya Dave

Addressing Cyber-Enabled Operations 

RUSI Newsbrief, 1 May 2020 

Gary Brown 

Artificial Intelligence and UK National Security: Policy Considerations 

Occassional Paper, 27 April 2020

Alexander Babuta, Marion Oswald and Ardi Janjeva 

Reflections on Defence and the Integrated Review: A Testing Time

Commentary, 24 April 2020

Tom McKane

Management of Cyber Security in Defence Supply Chains 

RUSI Newsbrief, 24 April 2020

Trevor Taylor and Rebecca Lucas 

Private Military and Security Companies: Views from the UK and Russia on Regulation and Accountability 

Commentary, 22 April 2020

Alexander Nikitin and Fletch Williams 

Artificial Intelligence and the Integrated Review: The Need for Strategic Prioritisation

Commentary, 16 April 2020

Alexander Babuta

The Integrated Review: The UK’s Iran Policy in a Changing Global Security Environment

Commentary, 15 April 2020

Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi

The UK's Integrated Review: The Centrality of Resilience Concepts

Commentary, 6 April 2020

Elisabeth Braw

Red Lines and Red Tape - How the UK Should Deal with Russia 

Commentary, 3 April 2020

Emily Ferris 

Defence and the Integrated Review: A Testing Time

Whitehall Report, 26 March 2020

Malcolm Chalmers and Will Jessett

Deferring Judgement – Whither the UK’s Integrated Review and Defence?

Commentary, 27 March 2020

Malcolm Chalmers and Will Jessett

Re-Examining the UK’s Priorities in the Asia-Pacific Region

Commentary, 17 March 2020

Veerle Nouwens

Malcolm Chalmers gives evidence to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee

To watch the session, click here

11 March 2020

Malcolm Chalmers

The UK’s Integrated Review: The Need for Clear Guidance

Commentary, 10 March 2020

Jack Watling

Serious Organised Crime and Britain’s Forthcoming Integrated Review

Commentary, 27 February 2020

Keith Ditcham

UK Government Integrated Review Announcement – RUSI Experts React

News, 25 February 2020

Malcolm Chalmers, Peter Roberts, Keith Ditcham, Neil Melvin, James Sullivan

The Integrated Review: Rebuilding the UK’s Hard Power

RUSI Newsbrief, 21 February 2020, No: 1

Peter Roberts


In the Spotlight: Britain’s Impending Defence Procurement Review

Commentary, 14 February 2020
Michael Graydon, Jeremy Blackham and Jonathan Shaw


Taking Control: Rediscovering the Centrality of National Interest in UK Foreign and Security Policy

Whitehall Reports, 10 February 2020

Malcolm Chalmers


Britain’s Integrated Defence and Security Review: Which Shibboleths?

Commentary, 13 February 2020

Peter Roberts


The Strategic Defence and Security Review Britain Needs

Commentary, 28 January 2020
Michael Graydon, Jeremy Blackham, Jonathan Shaw, and Antony Hichens

The 2019 UK PONI Papers

Conference Report, 20 December 2019

Sam Dudin and Chelsey WIley


The Upcoming Defence and Security Review: Questions That Must Be Answered

Commentary, 17 December 2019

Designing Sanctions After Brexit: Recommendations on the Future of UK Sanctions Policy 

Occassional Paper, 19 September 2019

Isabella Chase, Emil Dall and Tom Keatinge

Britain's Declining Tank Numbers Highlights a Wider Problem 

Commentary, 24 April 2019 

Jack Watling 

A Tale of Two Terrors: The British Extreme Right Organises While Islamists Scatter 

RUSI Newsbrief, 13 July 2018

Raffaello Pantucci 


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We seek to engage new ideas as the UK government prepares to conduct an integrated review of defence, foreign and security policy.