RUSI Cyber analyses UK and international strategic responses to cyber challenges. We seek to understand, identify and interpret the impact on governments, companies, and citizens.

The Cyber research group brings a much-needed global research focus and capacity to examine UK and international strategic responses to cyber. It leverages the broader experience of RUSI staff and Associate Fellows and has fostered a growing network of cyber experts from both the public and private sectors and academia.

Our cyber research agenda is structured around the following themes: the cyber threat landscape; defence and resilience; legislation and regulation; cyber education, awareness and behaviour; and the cyber ecosystem. The team focuses on different aspects of these themes, depending upon policy priorities at any given time.

We take what can sometimes be a complex and technical subject and aim to communicate it in plain language for non-technical audiences. Our programme informs and enriches policy approaches to cyber-related challenges by developing a strong evidence base that is available to policymakers and practitioners.

Current research projects examine future UK cyber strategy; the cyber risk generated by the globalisation of technology; tackling cyber fraud; cyber insurance; ransomware; and the development of offensive cyber capabilities.

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  • Cyber Powers Should Secure National Infrastructure to Prevent Future Attacks

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  • A Dual Approach to Tackling IP Theft and IP Loss

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UK National Security and the Net Zero Transition

Globalisation of Technology

Ransomware: The Role of Cyber Insurance

Extremism and Gaming Research Network


Global Research Network on Terrorism and Technology


Tackling Cyber Fraud

Incentivising Cyber Security Through Cyber Insurance

This project investigated the role of cyber insurance in incentivising cyber security behaviours within organisations.

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