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RUSI is the podium of choice for world leaders and senior policymakers, and is ideally placed to attract high-quality speakers and participants at its events. These vary in size and format from set-piece lectures to conferences and seminars.

RUSI MEMBERS ONLY: Sevastopol’s Wars: Crimea from Potemkin to Putin

26 July 2017, 13:00
RUSI Whitehall London, SW1A 2ET

Founded by Catherine the Great in 1783, the maritime city of Sevastopol has been fought over for centuries. Crucial battles of the Crimean...

RUSI MEMBERS ONLY: Keir Starmer on the Implications of Brexit

08 September 2017, 13:00
RUSI Whitehall London, SW1A 2ET

In his lecture, Keir will consider the wide ranging policy implications for the United Kingdom of leaving the European Union.BiographyThe...

RUSI MEMBERS ONLY: Making Africa Work - A Handbook for Economic Success

13 September 2017, 18:00
RUSI Whitehall London, SW1A 2ET

The handbook tackles some of the biggest challenges to face the next generation, including the anticipated doubling of sub-Saharan Africa’s...

RUSI MEMBERS ONLY: Lord Trenchard Memorial Lecture 2017

04 October 2017, 13:00
RUSI Whitehall London, SW1A 2ET

The next eight years represent a continuing period of fundamental yet exciting change for the Royal Air Force as they adapt the way they...

RUSI MEMBERS ONLY: Stephen Lovegrove on Managing the UK Ministry of Defence

22 November 2017, 13:00
RUSI Whitehall London, SW1A 2ET

In his lecture, Stephen will discuss the challenges of managing the Ministry of Defence, in particular making Defence more innovative and...

OPEN TO ALL: Technology and Future Combat Conference

02 August 2017, 9:00
RUSI Whitehall London, SW1A 2ET

Human free warfare, and human-machine combat teaming, has been the subject of a good deal of discussion over the past ten years making the transition from science fiction to fielded capability.  To...

Assuring Access to Space Conference 2017

13 September 2017, 9:00
RUSI Whitehall London, SW1A 2ET

'We are playing catch up on Space and if we take much more time in doing so, we will be left behind'General Gordon Messenger, Vice Chief of Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence (June 2017) Military...

Resilience Conference 2017

20 September 2017, 9:00

Ensuring the resilience of the UK is an increasingly complex imperative as threats diversify and interact with each other. Organised together with Loughborough University, this conference will...

A Conversation with Sir Malcolm Rifkind on his Memoirs, ‘Power and Pragmatism’

28 September 2016, 18:00
RUSI Whitehall

As a minister for eighteen years, Sir Malcolm has seen longer uninterrupted service than anyone since Lord Palmerston in the early nineteenth century. In both the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence, during some of the most turbulent years of...

Belfast to Benghazi: Untold Challenges of War

22 September 2016, 13:00
RUSI Whitehall

Rupert Wieloch has seen more than his share of front-line military action, having served as a platoon commander during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, before leading a squadron during the Gulf War in 1990. Deploying to Bosnia with the United...

Conflict and the Information Environment: Future Strategic Communications

22 September 2016, 10:00
RUSI Whitehall

Building on the success of the inaugural Military Influence Conference in 2015, RUSIs Future Strategic Communications Conference will examine how Strategic Communications can contribute to the increasing centrality of the information environment in...

Warfare in the Information Age

21 September 2016, 10:00
RUSI Whitehall

Whilst commanding the UK’s Joint Forces Command, General Sir Richard Barrons spoke regularly and passionately about his concern that the UK and NATO was failing to adequately prepare for the nature of warfare in the Information Age. In particular he...

Beyond the Nuclear Deal: What does the future hold for Iran

15 September 2016, 12:00
RUSI Whitehall

The signing of the JCPOA in July 2015 marked a significant turning point in the West’s relationship with Iran. Since the deal was announced, a number of trade and political delegations from all over the world have visited Tehran to boost bilateral...

A Conversation with Dr Ibrahim al Jaafari, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iraq

14 September 2016, 9:00
RUSI Whitehall

Members can watch the speech here (you will need your username and password) To become a member, click here.  The event was chaired by Crispin Blunt MP, Chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee. Dr al Jaafari discussed Iraq...

The Great Game Replayed

12 September 2016, 19:00
RUSI Whitehall

The North West frontier has for centuries played a pivotal role in forging the historical and geo-political landscape of Asia. The lecture, by acclaimed former Indian diplomat and commentator K.C. Singh, will examine the region’s turbulent history...

NATO-Russia Nuclear Relations: A Post-Warsaw Review

06 September 2016, 18:30
RUSI Whitehall

The Warsaw Summit offered NATO members the opportunity to check in with the policies of the Alliance in an era of increased Russian assertiveness and half-veiled nuclear threats. The Summit considered a range of measures that could be adopted to...

U-35 Film Screening: Dugma – The Button

03 August 2016, 18:00
RUSI Whitehall

An intimate portrait of a group of very different suicide bombers working for Al Qaeda in Syria. From the Saudi who loves singing and fried chicken, to a 26-year-old white British convert who worries a lot about his new wife, this remarkable film...

Report Launch – Understanding Iran’s Role in the Syrian Conflict

29 July 2016, 15:30
RUSI Whitehall

Iran’s role in Syria is critical not only to the course of the latter’s five-year civil war, but also to longer-term developments in the wider region. The alliance between the Syrian regime and the Iranian leadership is, on the face of it, puzzling...

What next for NATO? The Warsaw Summit and Beyond

22 July 2016, 10:00
RUSI Whitehall

The NATO Summit in Warsaw earlier this month was an important step towards renewing NATO’s core purpose: Europe’s collective security and territorial defence. Following significant NATO military exercises in the region, the summit underlined the...

RUSI Annual General Meeting

21 July 2016, 16:00
RUSI Whitehall

Nominations for electionThe three following individuals will be nominated for election as Trustees of the Institute on 21 July 2016:Sir John Scarlett (CV attached)Mr John Dowdy (CV attached)Mr Nick Gowing (CV attached)

Playing the Great Game - Film Screening

20 July 2016, 18:00
RUSI Whitehall

The view from the ground shows the truth from a local perspective about a country and region that is often dubbed in the media as ‘the most dangerous place on earth.’ The journey took him to the front line in the tribal areas of South Waziristan on...

The Chilcot Inquiry: Learning Lessons from Iraq

15 July 2016, 9:30
RUSI Whitehall

This half-day conference assessed the outcome and implications of the Iraq Inquiry, the findings of which will be published a week earlier on 6 July 2016. In setting up the inquiry, the then prime minister Gordon Brown described it as ‘...

Book Launch: Don't Panic - ISIS, Terror and The Making of The New Middle East

14 July 2016, 18:00
RUSI Whitehall

The entity known (in one of many variants) as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has come to feature regularly in the news, and in our imaginations. The dreadful, Grand Guignol spectacle of beheadings, abductions, cages, flames and...