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RUSI is the podium of choice for world leaders and senior policymakers, and is ideally placed to attract high-quality speakers and participants at its events. These vary in size and format from set-piece lectures to conferences and seminars.

They Call It Diplomacy: Forty Years of Representing Britain Abroad

14 April 2021, 16:00

Sir Peter Westmacott's forty-year career in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office straddled the last decade of the Cold War and the age of...

Our Man in Malaysia: The Life and Actions of a North Korean Agent

15 April 2021, 13:00

In 2017, a North Korean national named Ri Jong Chol was arrested in Malaysia in connection to the assassination at Kuala Lumpur airport of...

How Integrated are Foreign Affairs and Development in the UK Integrated Review?

26 April 2021, 16:00

In this wide-ranging conversation, Douglas Alexander and Rory Stewart deploy the experience they gained in their previously-held government...

Hard Choices: What Britain Does Next

11 May 2021, 16:00

After decades of peace and prosperity, the international order put in place after the Second World War is rapidly coming to an end. Foreign...

Western Jihadism: A Thirty Year History

14 July 2021, 16:00

In forensic and compelling detail, Professor Jytte Klausen shows how Islamist terrorism in Europe and North America has been driven, not by...

Precision Strike in 21st Century Multidomain Operations

13 May 2021, 12:00

The ‘democratisation’ of access to long-range precision strike assets once thought to be components of an exclusively Western revolution in military affairs will have important ramifications for the...

RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2021: Integrating for Operations Today and Warfighting Tomorrow

02 June 2021, 9:00

The British Government published its Integrated Security, Defence and Foreign Policy Review in March 2021, setting out its ambition for the UK’s role in the world over the next decade. Given the...

Annual Chief of the Defence Staff Lecture 2007

03 December 2007, 17:30

Lecture by Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, Chief of the Defence Staff, UK Ministry of Defence.The Chief of the Defence Staff Lecture is held annually at RUSI, covering key topical defence and security issues.

Anti-Americanisms in World Politics

03 December 2007, 16:00

The strong upsurge in anti-American sentiments around the world since 2002 is undeniable. The meanings and political consequences of these sentiments are less clear. Some are motivated by the Bush administration and its policies. Others are touching...

The Impact of Western Strategy on Muslim South Asia

03 December 2007, 9:00

The strategy adopted by the United States and its Western allies to counter the global threat of Islamic terror has been dominated by the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Though the approach has engaged a number of different dimensions, military force...

Members’ Lecture – Among the Dead Cities: The History and Moral Legacy of the WWII Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan

30 November 2007, 12:45

Professor A C GraylingSchool of Philosophy, Birkbeck, University of LondonBritain and the USA carried out a massive bombing offensive against the cities of Germany and Japan the course of the Second World War, which ended with the destruction of...

Perspectives on the Civil-Military Nexus in Afghanistan and beyond

28 November 2007, 8:00

The complexity of conflict in the post-Cold War world has prompted a wealth of new research into the changing character of war. One very apparent facet of conflict in this era is that war is no longer linear – defence, development and diplomacy now...

Post-Conflict Security, Justice and Reconciliation in Africa

26 November 2007, 8:45

Resolving the underlying causes of conflict is a pre-requisite to ensure sustainable development and to reduce the likelihood of violence reoccurring in Africa’s post-conflict societies. There is, however, no simple formula or template for...

The Rise of India and China and What It Means For All of Us

21 November 2007, 19:00

The Royal United Services Institute’s Asia Programme and the Georgetown University Alumni Club of the UK are delighted to host Ms Robyn Meredith, author of The Elephant and the Dragon. A foreign correspondent for Forbes magazine and award-winning...

Protection in Complex Emergencies: Ensuring Security and Freedom of Action

16 November 2007, 9:00

International intervention of military forces, civilian agencies and actors working within an effects based Comprehensive Approach have more requirements than ever before for protection.  In conventional war fighting, an enemy is easily identifiable...

Looking Forward to NATO’s Bucharest Summit

15 November 2007, 14:45

Looking Forward to NATO’s Bucharest Summit: The Transformation of the AllianceA Lecture by His Excellency Mr Teodor Melescanu, Minister of Defence of Romania Mr Teodor Melescanu, Romania’s Defence Minister, will address the Institute on 15 November...

Security and the Straits of Hormuz

14 November 2007, 8:00

The global economic importance of the Middle East region - with the dependence of so many countries in the region upon access to the sea for national prosperity and security, and with significant percentages of the world’s natural resources...

SUBTECH 07 - The RUSI-DEM Underwater Warfare Conference

12 November 2007, 8:00

Keynote speakersRear Admiral Andrew Mathews, Director General Submarines, Defence Equipment & Support, Ministry of Defence UKPaul Taylor, Director General Equipment, Ministry of Defence UKThemesThe underwater battlespace provides unique options...

Transatlantic Forum: The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

09 November 2007, 9:00

In March 2006 Mearsheimer and Walt stunned political analysts around the world with a piece in the London Review of Books titled 'The Israel Lobby'. This article broke the Washington taboo against speaking on the influence that lobbies, and in...

Combat Stress Annual Armistice Lecture

08 November 2007, 11:00

The guest speaker will be journalist Sir Max Hastings who will talk about his experience of the Falklands War twenty-five years ago.   Arrival Coffee at 1100, Lecture at 1200 followed by a sandwich lunch.Tickets are available from Combat Stress at...

Israel’s Defence and Security Policy: Strategic Directions

06 November 2007, 10:00

Professor Shai Feldman, Director of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University, will be present at the Institute for a discussion meeting on ‘Israel’s Defence and Security Policy: Strategic Directions’.More than a year since...

Whitehall Dialogue - Recruitment and Retention in the Armed Forces

31 October 2007, 12:45

Presentation by Edward Leigh MP, Chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts, House of Commons.Edward Leigh will speak about the findings of the Committee's recent report on Recruitment and Retention in the Armed Forces. This report attempted to...